Sell with Us


At OpenShop Marketplace we are passionate about providing our customers with all the tools they need to sell their products.

How OpenShop Marketplace Works...

  • Your products are listed on our website
  • We market your products online
  • Customers order and pay on OpenShop Marketplace
  • You will be notified by mail if an order has been made, also you can see everything from your personal dashboard inside of your account
  • You fulfil the order for your customer
  • You deliver the order to customer
  • You get paid


There are 2 types of fees applied on the seller account - monthly fee and sell commission.

Please see our plan and pricing table for more details.

A competitive rate of 5% commission is charged when a product is sold. 

Also additional 5% is also applied when you withdrawal funds into your bank account 

To become a seller you have to follow some steps:

1. Create an account or buy a product

You can create your personal account by clicking here

You will be prompted to complete the form as below:

2. Login into the account just created and select " My Seller Account "

3. Submit an application

4. You will receive a message like this

5. After admin approval, start to create your shop

6. Select your desired package with payment plan and pay for it

7. Pay for the package

8. Go back to your seller account (step 2) and press the button - "I have just sent the fee", to notify administrator.

9. If you need help, please contact support

Product added to wishlist
Product added to compare.